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Unified Field of Resonance

Everything is energy, energy particles vibrating at very high rates of speed, speeds so fast that we cannot see them with the naked eye but do perceive them through our intuitive eyes and years. The spaces between the vibrating particles is pure consciousness, an intelligence, that provides the directional flow of the particles.

The flow is not controlled with the mind but enlivened through the heart and fueled by pure intention, intention to be of highest service. The intelligence of love fueled by intention interacts on levels of awareness that are both conscious and unconscious. Some might say that to move matter is an act of the divine; I have come to understand it as source light, LOVE, animating pure consciousness through the fine art of allowing.

Enlivening the unified field is a process of lining up with the flow of light that represents our highest expression, highest service. Within the context of the flow, we allow our heart to guide us. We are guided by what we feel in our heart. Once we feel an alignment within the context of our heart, we recognize that we are entering into a state of timelessness, which is a quality of the  creative field or cone of possibilities. This is the field of co-creation where all aligned potential creates a wave pattern that results in physical expression. Then we relax into that very subtle level of being guided, we sense and feel rather than think or want. Rather than focused on outcome, we receive the visions and knowings that guide us toward a much greater or higher vibrational expression of why we are here. The mind wants to take 10 steps to reach our goal, but the heart of who we are need only take the most immediate next step to achieve the equivalent of 1000 steps.  Therefore, when in our heart space, we trust that whatever we are connecting, once we have aligned with our highest vibrational intention to serve as a vessel for the divine to express as human, we listen and allow for the divine to guide us.

This visioning process challenges us to tune into the subtle energy of the soul and to receive guidance. What we are actually doing is sensing the particles of energy, all vibrating at various speeds, which opens our field to tap into our individual and collective higher intelligence. We are accessing the spaces between those spaces of higher consciousness. Each person is attuned to a different aspect of what is being asked, a different dimensional realm of light. Therefore, every voice is essential to be heard in the context of the collective. Together, all voices create a mosaic of sensations, images and words that reveal the way ahead.

During this process, at some point, all will feel the alignment of the direction in answer to the question that will have been asked by the facilitator or vision holder.  What we are tapping into is both the direction and the probable outcome that most aligns with our energetic core. Once our direction is determined, we are ready to enliven the unified field.

Once we have anchored the visions into our awareness and feel the collective alignment, we go back into the stillness and amplify this feeling, this unified vision, this particular direction out into the world by simply setting our intention that is be made manifest in the world, and that each of us align with what is ours to do.

Through this process, we are not wanting to change anything about the world, we are only lining up with that which brings us our greatest joy. As souls prior to this current incarnation, we have already imagined our world into creation.

You might say that we are creating the reality that we, as a soul group, have already imagined and are anchoring those frequencies into human consciousness.

Who is doing the amplifying?

It's a group effort. It's not just the people sitting in the room but also our individual and collective alignment with a group of souls, light beings, ascended masters and angels who are here to help humanity ascend. We need human energy systems here on earth to anchor the higher frequencies of light into the earth plane of consciousness.

Our Energetic Core is called the Council and comprises individuals who are serving as amplifiers of the unified field for the global activations as we are guided, and the serve as the stakeholder group who are aligning with these core values for anchoring the visions into the earth plane consciousness then setting out to co-create with others who are called to build communities of sustainable oneness all over the world.

For this purpose, the specific roles that the field needs in order to manifest with ease and grace. The roles are dynamic, internal, authentic, harmonic, external, and organic. There are twelve roles two by two paired to comprise the star of David (as above so below) to provide balance and stabilization of the energy patterns of the creations that are being anchored into the project.

The following roles are fulfilled on the levels of

·      Ethereal / Being

·      Conceptual / Knowing

·      Emotional / Feeling

·      Material / Doing


I AM Presence permeates all roles


Vision Holder resides in the stillness.

·      Vision Holder (Space)— evokes the originality of the vision, discovers the purpose, acknowledges truth, upholds integrity, holds to the knowing as one freely shares this knowing with the collective.


The twelve roles are:


  • Creator (Light)— evoking the originality of the vision, discovering the purpose, acknowledging truth, and upholding integrity of the energetic container.

  • Producer (Mass)—visualizing the outcome, assessing the feasibility, assuring the performance, demonstrating reliability.

  • Activator (Joy)—amplifying appreciation, accepting and giving work, cultivating gratitude.

  • Director (Place)—perceives the situation, designing the strategy, setting the course, rendering with certainty.

  • Promoter (Time)—senses the opportunity, recognizing the appeal, advocating the benefit, instilling confidence, and communicating the mission.

  • Innovator (Love)—playing off the vision and inspiring aligned action as one who connects the dots between the vision and the physical manifestation.

  • Conductor (Alignment) —displaying generosity, reciprocating contribution, sharing the wealth, providing security.

  • Generator (Peace)—displaying generosity of spirit, seeing the steps needed to be taken to maintain the projected ideal or cone of possibility, taking aligned action.

  • Connector or Bridge Builder (Harmony)—showing appreciation, extending consideration accepting, cultivating gratitude, extending circle of those aligned.

  • Completer (Open)—celebrating success, delivering the service, visualizing the health, ensuring satisfaction.

  • Gatekeeper (Awareness)—pays special attention and holds to the frequency of the container, holding the space for others to entrain to the core frequency. States the obvious when needed to bring the group back to center.

  • Grounder or Anchor (Stillness)—holds to the energy of the field and extends the joy of grace to all working together as one, celebrates success, visualizing health and vitality, ensuring amplification of alignment.

Draft by: Carol Fitzpatrick, Vision Holder

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