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Activate. Empower. Transform.
Oneness practices, visionary guidance, and activations for the building of a new earth grid of consciousness

"I help people to sense and see the subtle life force that supports their higher life path, their soul's expression here on earth. I teach them, through direct experience, how to fully open to all the good that is there for them to embrace. This often times takes great courage to leave the familiar fear-based patterns behind in favor of joyous expansion. With practice and the support of a loving community, miracles become an integral part of their lives." 

Carol Fitzpatrick

The Soul Light Series

Part 3: Amplify!

The New Normal. All as One.

The patterns of push/pull that are a part of the polarized way of being are over. There is a new earth grid of consciousness and you have the absolute capacity to not only tap into it but stand firmly on this higher ground.

It's a state of being that transitions into a way of life, one where all beings are happy. All are living, working, harmonized to create positive outcome and best practices for all. The new earth grid is a co creative, self honoring environment where the earth and all her inhabitants are recognized as both sacred and necessary to a thriving world.

You, as a being of light, are an integral part of birthing this all as one consciousness into form. All the way down to the nuances of life where all are loved, honored and appreciated.

This series guides you through a progression of skill building around concepts and ideals that form the building blocks of the New Earth Grid.

How the Course is Delivered:

The Series is offered to you in an intimate group setting. It's soul coaching, skill-buliding and mentoring all rolled into one. The course is based on simple yet powerful learning models that are designed to strengthen your trust in your own intuitive process, and help you to embrace all that you are as a multi-dimensional being of light.

Over the course of eight (8) semi-private sessions, you will be invited to dive deep into the heart of who you are. You will come out on the other side more focused, inwardly directed, grounded in your joy and expressing gratitude for all the blessings that have and continue to come your way.

Tools and soul coaching strategies are drawn are based on the foundational teachings of Living the Miracle, personal transformational practices and experiential learning that were gifted to Carol by her spirit guides and developed through real life, in the moment experiences, over a 9 year period. The Course comes with a Living the Miracle Workbook to guide you through the deepening process.

Come into an adjoining, and take the deep dive into how you can best amplify your heart and stand on solid ground in the New Earth Grid:


Living Your Most Authentic Life

Itís time to come out and play. Youíve been practicing a new level of trust. Now is the time to shine. Learn the most valued quality that allows you to do so, and watch as magic happens all around you, and within you. We'll take a look at how the energy system is doing with all this intense shifting as well, and learn how to communicate with and listen to the body's consciousness to receive that all important feedback loop for taking optimum care of the emotional, mental and physical body.

Courage is Contagious

From the depths of any fear is the resolve to take that very first definitive step to speak your truth and show up for all that life has to offer. Once you have gained your footing, your direction for your life shows you the way. This session will help you to find your new center of strength, and with that comes inner peace as you amplify your soul light.

Staying Open as You Dissolve the Old

As you break through your version of the energetic glass ceiling, the the world starts to look and feel entirely different. How you perceive and interact with others takes on a feeling of flow. Once you have made the choice to come out of hiding and amplify the light within you, the expanded feeling of love canít help but to be reflected back to you. But you are in a human body, after all. And just by being here, you will continue to be pulled and tugged at by the old patterns of need, lack and want. Even so, you have gained enough practice in letting go of fear-based beliefs that you are no longer drawn into the drama of others. In this session, weíll explore the ways identify love-based patterns and how to stay focused on staying centered as you continue to spiral upward.

Transparency and Connection for Growing New Paradigm Relationships

You are stepping out of the trauma-drama way of creating in relationship and are working diligently to untangle yourself from the old way of relating to life. Learn how transparency is both the door opener and the dissolver of distortion. Learn how heart-centered communication, while staying open and in your power, not only amplifies the feeling of connection but also fully honors all concerned.

Radical Love. Holding Space for the Moment of the Shift

In every life there is a moment of clarity before the door of opportunity to create a radical shift in consciousness changes you and / or that other person forever. The door to a new possibility opens or closes in that one singular moment of revelation, and it's what you do or don't do in that very next moment that determines the way up or the spiraling back down again. Learn how to recognize the opportunity for radical love to occur, how to create the opening, and when to step into the change in the new flow with ease and grace.

The Power of Presence and the Field
Anytime you are gathered with others in the field of pure intention, you create a biospheric energy bubble that connects you to the larger comic earth grid of consciousness. In this session, you will learn how the practice of presence creates that field and how you can tap into that greater cosmic co-creative consciousness to accelerate your life path with ease and grace. Consciously learn how to amplify your own intentions and how to place your attention to achieve maximum results for fulfilling your dreams.

Entrainment and the Fine Art of Shifting Your Frequency

The human body is a vibrational soup of consciousness. The new earth grid vibrates and pulses new wave forms and shifts in any given moment. Learn how to stay turned in, how to identify where you are in the mix of the new, how to identify the larger pattern and where you are to be in that mix, and how to best manage your energy to maintain optimum health and vitality. Included in this module is specific information on the body's role in health and well-being.

Love all support and be supported in your journey!

What you will receive:

    • Seven Learning Modules, delivered live and in the moment addressing the topic and incorporating the specific issues of the participants.
    • Weekly worksheets to reinforce the content including practical life assignments
    • One on one Soul Coaching check-ins as needed.
    • Seven Group session (check-ins for question and answer and group dialog)
    • 24/7 Access to an online educational portal with a community forum. I am in the portal every Friday from 2 - 4 pm to answer questions posed during the week.
    • All sessions are accessed by phone or skype and recorded for listening back. If you miss a session, you can listen back and jump into the secure member area to join the conversation.

 This part of the Series is now closed. Please look for announcements for the next one.