Center for Planetary Awakening: Founders Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson. Building sustainable oneness through education, skill-building and frequency activation.

Activate. Empower. Transform.
Oneness practices, visionary guidance, and activations for the building of a new earth grid of consciousness

What is Activation?

In early 2008, I was guided to set aside one day a month to host my light brothers and sisters in what I named Living the Miracle. I envisioned a meeting style experience, a place where people who are very sensitive to energy could gather and share their experiences, and gain the support of a heart-centered community. From the very first meeting, we were guided to help one another clear the fear codes from our light bodies and to anchor more light into the world as a collective force of light. These Living the Miracle experiences grew into a way to focus our energy and our life-experiences on joyousness and a clear way to transform not only ourselves but the world around us.

Through these continued experiences, I've learned so much about the energy system, the inter-dimensional planes, the plethora of light beings who so lovingly help humanity and the power of the human heart to transform. I have come to call these very intense experiences a form of soul-level activation. The energetic way that I am guided to work with others is threaded throughout all the teachings and transformational tools that have been gifted to me from my energetic teachers, the Guides.

Activation is a word that encompasses vibrational healing, energy medicine, soul activation... are all descriptives of profound energies that dramatically shift our reality, heal our bodies, and awaken our souls. These very highly refined vibrations are now accessible to everyone. In my experience, all it takes is an open heart and a willingness to channel grace from one person to another. This is the very act of selfless service, which is the very essence of new paradigm of leadership.

As above so below. During these sessions, we are totally immersed in the knowing as we call forth grace as a collective light to shift global consciousness and within each person present,  but not without the help and guidance of the angels and master teachers who lavish their love and direction upon us. It's intense emotional, mental and physical clearing and activation. Everyone helps and everyone gets their time for healing. Experience soul-level consciousness through light, sound, and movement.

How Activation Works
The inner realms of consciousness are not created to disguise humankind’s true nature. The inner realms of reality cannot be reshaped in any way. The inner realities are within us. They are the original DNA patterning—patterns broken down into minute instructional sets. The patterns lay dormant until triggered by a particular sequence of vibrational tones and patterns. There are many qualities that band together with these vibrational sequences. There are many tones that feel, to the human body, similar sequences, but are not exactly the right pattern nor the right sequence.

  • Every soul has his or her pattern of awakening these tones. And every soul has an awareness that awakens or alerts the imagination. It is the imagination that is not to be mistaken for the heart.
  • There are many physical properties, which govern the awareness of the soul to recognize the patterns that trigger the sequences of events that cannot be accessed through the mind.
  • As you awaken to the truth of who you are, you will begin to feel and to see through your awareness these patterns—patterns of thought, word and deed.
  • A signal—like a beacon the soul quietly listening for the signal to move—you will find that as you create within the awareness of your heart, as this beacon to the soul, that you will most assuredly find your way.

The Group Expression: Learning how to flow with light

During group processes and workshops or retreats, Carol Fitzpatrick works with healer / musician Mark Torgeson. Together with the participants, they weave a vibrational dance that will dramatically shift your reality and awaken you to your soul’s purpose.

The workshop experience interweaves dialogue, stories and music, to create an environment for opening the heart and activating the light being within the human consciousness. The purpose of this and all LtM sessions is to bring forth the energetic shifts vital for global ascension. The combined intentionally created music and facilitated group process act as a beacon to call forth angelic and devic beings as well as master teachers and guides to help on individual and group levels to align with purity of heart. Participants experience not only their own healing, clearing and transformation, but also contribute to the upliftment of the earth in its evolutionary process.

What You will learn:
This deep-immersion experience will provide you with proven practical tools to:

  • unify the field of light that separates the soul out from the body;
  • gain access to the innate wisdom that guides you;
  • know what’s real and what is illusion;
  • harness the power, the force of light that guides everyone, everything, everywhere;
  • allow this force to flow freely through your life, and to manifest as you so desire;
  • become one with this force for the transformational practices of grace in action; and to
  • teach this flow to others by living it, being it, creating within it.


Activation sessions are designed to help you to find your way as easily and as effortlessly as possible.

The tools and technologies that we employ are accessed through the rhythm and cadence of the voice and music when in high states of consciousness. During the course of any event or retreat, participants are led through a series of guided meditations, group processes and individual transformational practices . All experiences are non-invasive and totally honoring of each individual present.

Setting of group intention,
Opening Hearts,
Releasing Fears,
Allowing the Light,
Inviting in Joy,
Invoking Oneness Consciousness (feeling of our global community of light).

Part 1 :
Warm-up with meditation,
Guided movement and sound healing through music (featuring Mark Torgeson's music for planetary awakening).

Part 2 :
Deep immersion experience
Soul activation process as meditation, movement, energetic healing, one-on-one healing.

Part 3:
Acts and expressions of gratitude
Living the Miracle is a vibrational shift into the unknown. We are all on a journey toward the oneness, and no one really knows where we are going. It's a journey back to home. We instinctively know our way. Like salmon that swim up stream to get to their final destination, we too, know our way. And it's all about vibration. If you are wishing to hone your intuitive navigational skills, please join us.


A time of vibrational healing, dialog, movement  and creation with all as One. We will explore the very nature of vibration as a navigation tool as we set our heart’s desire into motion.




Activation experiences help you to:

·      Learn specific tools for creating the life you so desire

·      Gain insight into what holds you back

·      Recieve the blessings of your soul awakening

·      Remember joy

·      Open to allow your heart to speak loudly to you

·      Live the miracle


TESTIMONIAL: “Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson are the very fabric of cultivating global awareness of higher consciousness while embracing the quantum scientific paradigm shift that we are all One. Carol and Mark are cosmic way-makers as they play and create spontaneously with Spirit. It is a mind bending, heart remembering experience to attend an event and watch, listen and participate as Carol co-creates with spirit to weave, light, love, truth, peace and joy into the messages she shares with her audience from spirit." -Krystal Fenn