Center for Planetary Awakening: Founders Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson. Building sustainable oneness through education, skill-building and frequency activation.

Activate. Empower. Transform.
Oneness practices, visionary guidance, and activations for the building of a new earth grid of consciousness



Workshops and retreats are for activating soul-level awareness, re-balancing and stabilizing your body's energy system, and building aligned community.

Workshops and retreats provide a safe environment for experiencing oneness consciousness and for gaining the confidence needed to totally truest your own knowing. It's your ability to trust your intuition that allows you to fully embrace joy. Once you begin sensing and seeing the subtle life force that supports your higher life path, your level of trust in your higher senses will only get stronger as you practice.

 “Vibrational healing, energetic shifting, soul activation... are all descriptions of profound energies that dramatically shift our reality, heal the body, and awaken our soul. These very highly refined vibrations are now accessible to everyone. In my experience, all it takes is an open heart and a willingness to channel grace from one light being to another. This is the very act of selfless service, which is the very essence of new paradigm of leadership.”    —Carol Fitzpatrick


One- to four-day intensives are for activating soul-level awareness, helping you to gain the confidence for aligning with only that which brings you your greatest joy, and for amplifying your light out into the world.

All intensives, whether for only a few hours or multiple day experiences skill-building by doing. The framework for the learning is structured while also is lose enough for staying in the flow. Formats include Individual, partnered and group and partnered exercises, guided visualization and movement accompanied by intentional music. 

Answering these key questions are essential:

  • Who am I if I am not what my mind tells that I am?
  • What is feeling that I most connect with when I am in the flow of joy?
  • What I am doing and who is around me when I am amplifying my joy out into my world?

Once you answer these three basic questions, and connect to the feeling of each, you will be better prepared to let go of self-constricting beliefs and embrace the truth of who you truly are.

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