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Soul Coaching

Soul coaching takes the individual telling part of the channeled session and combines it with skill-building on a step by step, incremental basis. Sometimes we just need a check-in with someone who holds sacred space, someone who can hear, see and feel the energy patterns of the choices you are making. It's not enough to hold space and to listen.

The most pressing skill-set is the honoring of the soul even as truth is to be spoken clearly so that there is no mistaking the pattern for misguided compassion. If you are experiencing a major life-transition and feel that you need time and attention to receive support and guidance on a more incremental basis then soul coaching may be for you.

Individual sessions are unstructured times of listening and receiving. I am listening and receiving then reflecting back to you what I hear and what I see in the way that you are processing your energy and holding to your soul's purpose. This is not counseling or psycho therapy. This process is all about learning how to stay aligned with your soul's purpose as you move through life making choice.

To learn more about private Soul Coaching, to schedule a free 15 minute inquiry to find out if this is right for you, please send me a message using the form to the left. Insert Soul Coaching in the subject line. In the body, please provide your phone number and a best time to reach you.

Small Group Coaching

If you find yourself in a situation or desire the support of a loving community while moving through a major life transition, or working to achieve a goal, small group soul coaching may be right for you. These small group series are offered periodically and with a specific intention in mind. Please check the Events Calendar or be sure that you are signed up to receive periodic updates.