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How to Build a Biosphere for Sustaining Oneness



The human energy system is a vibrating mass of consciousness that is directly tied into the earth's stratosphere. The earth is rapidly changing as she morphs in consciousness and continues on her rotational journey through time and space. The sun's rays affect the earth's electromagnetic field too.

We are not only sensitive to the environmental changes of the earth but also, and especially to our human family, which is forever in flux  with our energetic environment  often stressed or emotionally charged. Just walk into a room of angry, frustrated people and you will immediately feel the affects of their moods on you. Walk into the  same room awhile later to find that same brooding crowd now happy, positive, and upbeat, and you will be uplifted too.

If you can imagine your energy system as a bubble or a field of light that is capable of extending about 30 feet around you on a normal day to day basis, then you can also imagine that way for other too. In short, we are a see of energy all mixing and matching with one another.

You can learn a very simple way to strengthen your energy field, and by this I mean put positively charged consciousness particles into your field by literally breathing new pure intentional life force into your energy body.

There are just a few steps, and once you begin to take notice and feed the energy as you move through your day, and with putting focus on what your intention is, you will be able to sustain a sense of well being even in the most trying of circumstances.

Here are the three steps:

Step 1. Notice the more subtle feeling of your heart center. This is the area of your physical heart but feels more like your spiritual / emotional center of you as a being.

Step 2. Now notice the area of your diagram. Just put your attention there, too.

Step 3. Now notice the two together as you breath. As you put gentle notice to these two areas of your body as you are gently breathing in and out, in and out, that the area around your body will begin to feel like a cotton ball. The consistency of a feather touching the skin but instead filling the spaces just beyond the physical body. This is your energy system and it is expanding to include more of you, the pure essence of you.

As you take a few moments out in your day, especially if you feel you are beginning to get distracted by others or feel a bit off balance, just stop and tune into these two areas of your body. You can event place one hand on your heart and the other on the small of your belly at the level of your diagram as a reminder.

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