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 Carol Fitzpatrick, Empathic Intuitive, Channel, Guide

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We stand at a crossroad. Many of us on this planet are confused, angry and fearful. Carol stands as a beacon to those of us who are seeking enlightenment of the conscious mind and the spirit. When I had my first reading with Carol in 2005 I had a general idea of my life's purpose but I was fearful to perform it. During that session and subsequent ones I was able to identify the roots of my fear and transform it. I now know who and what I am, what I am to do and how to do it. As a result of this understanding I stand on this beautiful earth in the vibration of love and joy and peace. I urge all people in need to avail themselves of Carol's light." T, La Mesa, California

Private Sessions


Private sessions are for gaining a bird's eye view of your soul's journey here on earth and for helping you to navigate your life-path with ease and grace.

If you are seeking clarity about your soul's path and the fulfillment of your purpose, the private session format is designed to provide you with a detailed overview of your life path and patterns that influence your life choices while also infusing the energetic support for living a more expansive, joy-filled life.

First time consultations are designed for taking an intimate look at your soul's path, and to share the learning patterns currently affecting you now, as well as the choice points along the way. This first-time session is designed to
share from your soul's higher perspective of your earth path and purpose in this incarnation. Private Sessions are also designed to guide you through the incremental life choices that present themselves when you are feeling stuck or in need to additional guidances.

All private sessions address the energetic, emotional and physical aspects of how joyous your particular version of life on the planet can be achieved by learning how to unravel any challenge that may be causing you pain or triggering fear. In either the first time or during any follow-up session, this is your time to ask any questions that you may have.

Soul Coaching Sessions. These intuitively guided mentoring sessions are for helping you to clarify your own intuitive knowing for more fully trusting the intuition, for unraveling life patterns, and for taking the incremental steps that back up the decisions you are called to take action as you honor the inner promptings of the heart.

How to Prepare for a Session

Setting Intention
I will be asking you about your intention. As I invite you to set intention, you are also welcome to share any issues or challenges you are facing at this time. It's a way to establish a focal point for gaining an in-depth understanding of your life situation. Some people come with a list of questions or ask to focus on a particular issue. Others simply want to hear what spirit has to tell them at this time. There is no right or wrong here.

Describing a typical first session
First of all, each session is different because you are unique. In reality there no real typical session. With that being said, there is a basic pattern that most sessions, especially first sessions take. Follow-up question and answer type sessions or check-ins are in a category all their own.

First I open sacred space and ask you to state your intention. After dropping into the heart to connect with my energetic teachers and guides, I call forth your guides to adjoin with us.  A
s the streaming of consciousness allows forth, your energetic teachers and / or guides kinetically begin to transfer thought streams that are projected to me through telekinetically transmitted communication. It encompasses feeling / sensing, audio, and inner sight. The information is also shown or given to me in stories or examples as metaphor.

While I am never called to predict your future life choices. In all the years of serving this way, I have never been guided to tell you what to do. I will only describe what the higher vibrational choice will look and/or feel like when you get there, and describe, to the best of my ability, how to avoid falling into a chronic (karmic) pattern by choosing the higher vibrational choice.

Three Basic Levels of Guidance

The 30,000 view of your life.
At first, a very high level awareness flows in as a stream of consciousness complete with the frequencies that allow me to connect with the higher frequency fields that can more freely flow into your human matrix and help you more freely flow through life.

After setting up the field of intention, I will connect with your angelic helpers and guides, and begin receiving impressions of the guide or collective guides who step forward. Once I have fully identified and described this connection to you, I will being to stream the higher frequencies from them to you, and all that they have to tell you about where you as soul (where you are from, what your purpose for coming her is, etc. They may address your past, and how your past experiences have influenced your present incarnation. At this high level, the Guides will often go into great detail as to what is deep in your heart and your earth bound mission.  

Mid-zone of your life.
Once I am fully understanding the higher perspective and have anchored it into my own awareness, I transition into describing you as a soul on earth and what you imagined into creation, what past lives (or open books of learning) are still open and what you set out to do in this lifetime.  A part of this second layer of awareness is all about how you may wish to change or shift the patterns now in play as well as any patterns you are being influenced by past lives. The guides may provide you with the more practical aspects of your life and the choices you have made, are making, and the future choices that you will be presented with given where you are now.

The Micro View
A third layer describes your life in greater detail and how the application of these higher soul-level patterns of anchoring your soul's purpose here on earth are to be the most effective and joyful. This view of your life path and purpose is described in practical terms. The guides often provide guidance about your choice points (forthcoming forks in the road of life), and how to navigate through them to reach higher vibrational ground.

My Commitment to You
I consider this work very sacred and I do not take your trust in me lightly. I will do my very best to stay aligned and focused. Your part is to be clear with your intention.

Session Choices
Sessions times are offered in increments of 60 - 90 minutes. First time sessions are offered at 90-minutes only. Follow-up sessions are 60-minutes with extra time purchased as needed.