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New Mexico: Healing Waters Retreat and Celebration of Thriving Light Community

Eagle Nest, New Mexico

We Celebrated the newest sacred center of light for activating new star technologies and modeling the healing waters center that will become an integral part of light communities that thrive. Our host and New Mexico light anchorer for our time together was inventor, innovator Randy Hatton. 

Over the years, our small focused Council has visioned our way into the global project of anchoring light community, and New Mexico has been on the map since the very beginning. Eagle Nest (30 minutes south of Taos) has shown up in visions and knowings of what is ours to do. Pleiadian Star Elders are calling us to this region at this time to receive the star codes, interstellar technologies, that will revolutionize life on the planet. In addition, we will model the pure intention of thriving light community as exemplified in this special location.

You might ask, how can this be? How can I download wisdom and knowledge from these star elders in the way that I am called to serve?

During our time on the mountain at Eagle Mountain Lodge, was for this very purpose.... to infuse our hearts with light and allow the beauty and the harmony of nature to envelope and guide us. Our purpose was to receive what is special to you will be different than what is meant for me. We were each called to this region by the same Pleiadian Star Elders who have been waiting for we embodied ones to show up!


A global light center ~ Souls who are consciously activating global consciousness as they are magnetized into energetically significant regions around the world.

A Personal Account of the Retreat

With Permission, Patricia Skinner of North Carolina has shared her Journal entries from each of her days' experiences (pictured, Patricia (left) with Randy Hatton (right):

Eagles Nest is amazing. We stayed at the lodge next door. Moose roamed free. One night many were awakened by cayote howling. Randy's place is a center for water purification for the earth. There will be healing water dome over an aquafer, and a plant to produce his new technologies for water. Sixteen (16) people here. We're downloading the matrix and prototype of the first light community (of 32) and anchoring this one to manifest physically. The past ones were etheric (Boone, NC trip).

There is a house on the mountain with acreage for sale. It is the house Carol and Mark saw 1-2 years ago in meditation. It is just above Randy's. This looks like the place where people can stay, work and gather. Beautiful setting. Last night a neighbor of Randy's came by to meet Carol. Little did Randy or the neighbor know he was to be a critical piece of bringing in the codes. I described him as a portal stargate crystal guy who showed up to bring in crystal energy.

He has one green crystal that "controls space ships" and a collection of others. He reports that Archangel Michael has shown up in a big disc along with Pleiades to clear air of Chem trails and EMF's etc for clean air. So it appears the earth is making it, we have turned the corner.

In the configuration Carol set up, the Ark of the covenant came in. The ascension codes have been downloaded. This is the wildest experience I've ever had. They call me the embodiment of wisdom. My friend's warrior Cochez has shown up. One girl is a whale with amazing sounds and stories. Another is a star being, several do star talking.  Another, Katrina, is one master who weaves codes to connect all strands and codes and balancing for the down loading of codes and matrices.  She showed us a technique to do it energetically. OMG!  

And more. I may walk on water before this is over. Just joking 🙃. I will be involved somehow.  Mark C lives in Hummingbird, a co-op community 1+ hour away. He sees a light community over that mountain in NM also. I could go on but 2 more days of unfoldments. This magical collection of master souls has shown up to bring it all in. I am forever changed. I have been using StarFire on the land and water, in airports etc. Seems Montana, Hawaii, Mt Shasta, Arkansas coming up for visits and action for me/us. To be continued. . .
Love you and wish you were here ❤️😘🙏😇🌈🌟🛡🎆✨💐

Yesterday we released any disharmony or feelings of in adequacy within ourselves as humans in order to fully set in the new model. Could be called our shadow side. We anchored in the new ascension codes and the matrix into the earth and far out as far as you can see. The three lines, the three star systems, the Pleiades the Syrians and Artchturians came in together woven as one strain or one Trinity. I'll have to describe this later. Last night we anchored it and set it in the place and I heard the words "For I have given you a new heaven and a new earth." And someone else heard "It is done".

Yesterday, Sunday 4/23/17, in a ceremony we anchored the new earth energy/codes into the lake of blue water at Eagle Rock, NM, that connects to Mt. Wheeler & under Mt Shasta. Felt and looked like a medicine wheel with sacred objects representing all the elements and directions. These codes are now going out. A magical event!

All elements, energies were present, especially serpent energy for Carol. Ellowan led us in a birthing ceremony. The women stood in a line facing the lake, agreeing to be a receptical/ vessel for energy birthing. Opening heart to receive and womb space to serve for light birthing to take place. The men stood in a semi-circle facing the women and the lake. The star, light being energies came through into earth plane. Some women were aware energetically. These new little forces go to the forest to learn from the trees, then function to serve Gaia.

We are connected and expanded with all of this,as codes/matricies from the core team of 16 in this light community-building group goes to all grids, waters, and earth 🌏. We saw Randy's water rejuvenation inventions in a video. 5-6 New people arrived while some of the original group left to go home. We shared a great meal. The we regathered to begin the process of sharing the light codes with others. Interesting was we were 16 in number again. We did Carol's exercises with connection with 3rd eye, heart and hands. This is expanding, mind blowing, unreal, yet very real.

The earth and all its inhabitants are shifting to the new frequencies as we move out into the world. Folks, these are the new earth frequencies for ascension which is NOW in process on earth. One seer heard "It is done". We are each so humble and honored beyond words, to have been as a pioneer for the physical new light communities. Carol hears number 32 and this is the first!

The neighbor returned for a visit. He appeared transformed, so soft and filled with heart energy.

Post note: that's not all. On Monday 4/24 we went to breakfast before flying home.
Randy, Mark C and Ellowan reported seeing a spaceship Sunday night. When looking through binoculars it was a disc of rainbow colors. They energetically invited the whole group of us Into this event. They saw a "Living plasma light egg, covered by rainbow prism light. Carrying light conception codes for children to come in." One group has been working on this topic for years. One participant was in Randy's healing water hot tub during the UFO event. She noted she 'felt like Eve, releasing the original sin.'

I can't make this stuff up.
I am changed. I did experience the codes and downloading.

I also used Randy's Molecular Bioenhancer machine that sends electrical energy through ones body. Twice, 15 minutes each. I had to remove my glasses to see! Wow. Strange and amazing! Just got home from another trip and see good without my glasses.
So I'd say a lot shifted.
This only skims the surface. This is an exciting time. Can't wait to see the actual physical center. Hold on for the next installment...

Patricia Skinner, North Carolina