Center for Planetary Awakening: Founders Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson. Building sustainable oneness through education, skill-building and frequency activation.

Activate. Empower. Transform.
Oneness practices, visionary guidance, and activations for the building of a new earth grid of consciousness


Mission is to:

1. Activate the heart while balancing and stabilizing the human energy system in preparation for radical times of earth shifting

2. Anchor into the new earth grid by modeling the new paradigm of oneness and empowered visionary leadership of the heart.

3. Anchor 32 global light centers into energetically significant locations around the world by building both the energetic and physical structures needed to support higher consciousness living.


Global Mission


The Center for Planetary Awakening serves as a catalyst for quantum shifts of consciousness at this turning point in human consciousness evolution.


We are activators of higher consciousness and creators of the new earth grid. Through our work in building structures in the quantum field, we are now poised and ready to engender our intention for the activation of 32 global light centers—a project for the betterment of humankind.

We see the world as all parts flow seamlessly into one. The flowing of light is the very creative core of universal life force. This force is invisible yet can be felt by the heart and or sensed through the subtle body.


Through positive self-direction, we accept the flow of light into our bodies, and by doing so we inwardly listen to its accompanying wisdom. As we do, we sense and feel a core grid or matrix of light that interconnects us to the greater cosmos. Therefore, we can say that we are all part of the same whole. Taking this knowing one step further, we can also say that we are all one.


Living from this foundation, it is our pure intention to serve the greater good, we allow the amplification of source light to freely flow through all our creations.




The Center for Planetary Awakening offers its services to individuals and organizations  that have a clear calling to serve as a catalysts in the quantum shift in human consciousness and to actively participate in the building of the new earth grid and the supporting structures needed to balance and harmonize all parts to the whole.

We serve those who are holding a desire to learn to deeply listen to their inner voice for receiving higher guidance and those who have already awakened to their path of service.


Our mission is to help others realize their highest human potential and to empower people everywhere to create new paradigm structures that support the balanced and harmonized whole. The Center is comprised of three interconnected components for:



1)   activating higher consciousness by imparting techniques for enhancing intuition and following the wisdom of the heart,

2)   providing modalities of sound healing for maintaining stability of the human energy system,

3)   facilitating group processes where individual voices are heard and integrated into the whole,

4)   conduct global activations in locations around the world,

Alliance ~ Social Network

5)   growing a global alliance of world servers working together to birth the new earth grid.


6)   serving as catalysts for the building of 32 global light centers in energetically significant locations around the world.



We recognize that all actions engendered by the imagination and empowered by the joy of inner peace are the way to exponentially shift global consciousness. This shift in humanity’s collective awareness is the very essence of transforming the human spirit. The actions that forward our mission in the world are being accomplished in the following ways:

1. Activating soul-level awareness through the experience of oneness consciousness

The focus of all educational and advocacy activities will be on the practice of entrainment to purity of heart as an effective way to transform individual, group and global consciousness into a more peaceful coalescence. The Center for Planetary Awakening teaches this transformational practice by mentoring and modeling entrainment as a way to shift humanity’s focus away from fear and violence toward a more peaceful internal reference point.

The core delivery is taught in the context of small circle groups. Circle groups serve as the support and catalyst for strengthening and expanding the awareness of oneness consciousness in these peer led group processes.

The Center for Planetary Awakening advocates the shift in global consciousness by encouraging people everywhere to host and / or lead circle groups.

Other educational activities take form as workshops, presentations, retreats, demonstrations, and special events called activations. The purpose of activations is for exponentially expanding the sphere of awareness of purity of heart as a collective consciousness, and for the sharing insights, self-discoveries, networking and forming alliances with others working together as one. ‘

Workshop curriculum consists of experience based learning with specific emphasis on a nine workshop series. The basic concepts common to all nine topics form the foundation for the activation and self-empowering experiences. Other workshops provide sound healing as a modality with specific emphasis on the human meridian system as way to maintain balance and equilibrium in a changing world 

In support of the Center’s educational mission, the Founders will continually develop, update and/or refine the curriculum; create new music; document learning experiences; and teach new concepts and ideas while training others to share simple transformative tools with others.

2. Empowering the heart to lead the way ahead through light, sound and color

Within each individual lies an internal frequency, which can be activated by light, sound and musicality. The term musicality is used as a wave frequency rather than a term of music or a making of sound through rhythm enhancement. This particular form of musicality (music that has been created for the express purpose of transforming the human energy field), serves as a support for breaking away from disruptive thought patterns. Its very purpose is to interrupt the normal flow of thought, which serves to liberate the spiritual connection from within the physical constraints of the body.


Musical expressions expressly intended for healing and transforming are created and shared through concerts, live-performances, group educational processes, symposiums, recordings and disseminated through the global internet and radio stations.

Symposiums, webcasts and musical demonstrations involving light, sound and dialog

The Center for Planetary Awakening organizes events, offered as in-person or web casts, on a variety of social, economic, environmental, educational and healing topics in support of our mission. The Center also provides musical demonstrations in support of the activation events and for pioneering research and development of cutting edge ways to use music and sound for healing and transformation. These events bring together world servers from the spiritual, scientific and social science communities for a time of interaction and activation.

Disseminate educational materials accessed from an organizational website Educational materials, recordings and musical demonstrations generated from the Center and contributing authors, musicians and energetic healing practitioners, and other new paradigm leaders, as well as announcements, will be posted on the Center for Planetary website ( for worldwide distribution, and/or social networks for greater access. The Center’s website has been created for easy downloading and sharing of documents.

4. Building 32 Global Light Centers for anchoring into a new earth grid  

As our work progresses, we build a core resonance field comprised of world servers who are aligned with our mission. Then we build the holographic model for 32 Global Light Centers as we are called to focus on each location as they are to be developed. The Centers are built as fully sustainable communities using the latest green, human and emerging technologies, and staffed by a core group of people who serve to maintain the balance and harmony of each Center as a vital part of the new earth grid.

Forming global alliances

In support of our global mission, we work with other individuals, groups and organizations to establish mutually beneficial partnerships and/or alliances to forward our mission. In addition, through a grassroots form of outreach, the Center maintains a social network for world servers to exchange ideas, services and products. The social network serves includes blogging formats, group forums, internet-based radio, knowledge base and online store for the sale of goods and services.