Center for Planetary Awakening: Founders Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson. Building sustainable oneness through education, skill-building and frequency activation.

Activate. Empower. Transform.
Oneness practices, visionary guidance, and activations for the building of a new earth grid of consciousness

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Living Library

The Living Library is a new Educational Membership Portal, which supplies you with the tools needed to keep spiraling upward in a way that sets your heart free and helps you to sustain oneness as a way of life.

Gain access to hundreds of hours of talks, meditations, courses, healing sound immersions, wisdom teachings and so more.

Stay abreast of greater cosmological shifts needed for aligned and joyful.

The Living Library is a synergistic system of information, frequency activations and music for helping you to maintain a sense of inner balance and harmony, where love is self-evident and acceptance of self and others becomes a way of life.

Receive direct access the tools, inspiration and information you'll find most helpful on your path to becoming a more conscious, empowered, and joyful embodied being of light. Files are continually updated with new information and accompanying ascension tools.

Fee is $397 for a one-time only lifetime membership, $133 divided into three payments or a 12 month payment plan for just $39 / month.  Learn more or sign-up here: click here.

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