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Upliftment Circle Member Access Area

 Welcome! This is the page that you will return to for accessing the statement that will be read at the top end of each meeting, and the recordings.

There are lots of ways to create a unified field of resonance. One way is to hold the intention that most speaks to your heart. This is set forth as the overarching path for your life. Make it as specific as you wish. The more specific the more clearly you call forth the energy that supports your effort.

At the top end of every session, a general statement of intent is read. Then each person in turn states their intention (if this is the first meeting). At follow-up meetings, the person states the progression of such intention.

After the person has made one's statement, all others hold the person in a moment of silent appreciation. The group offers feedback. The presenting person may ask for clarification then the group moves to the next person. This all happens very fast and without a story.

See the tabs below to access the recordings, the Master Mind statement and an article on Co-creation. Any new information or resources as we move through the year will be posted here too.