Center for Planetary Awakening: Founders Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson. Building sustainable oneness through education, skill-building and frequency activation.

Activate. Empower. Transform.
Oneness practices, visionary guidance, and activations for the building of a new earth grid of consciousness

Visionary Guidance for Honoring Your Heart and Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose.

About the Center for Planetary Awakening

We are a world service organization with a passion for modeling the very nature of oneness in all facets of life on the planet. When all are aligned in heart and working in co-creation with the divine essence that guides us, miracles are bound to occur.

We facilitate awakening and transforming by assisting and empowering others to fully embody their soul's purpose. Our world service project, 32 Global Light Centers, builds the capacity that brings about a greater degree of spiritual, health and wellness, economic, educational, environmental and governance solutions to people everywhere.

Founders Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson offer simple personal practices and vibrational tools to support your innate ability to fulfill your soul path and purpose. Services model the new earth grid of consciousness, which is based on acceptance, truth, love, compassion and accountability. Offerings include intimate healing retreats and global activations designed to help you gain the confidence to unravel the human part of your story and to courageously and joyfully embrace your higher vibrational essence.

Individually focused services are designed to assist you to improve the quality of your life, transform your relationships, and to live a more joyful, peaceful, heart-felt life in a supportive global community.  

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