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"When I am immersed in music, people really disappear. I'm just in the energy, the flow of grace. I'm not trying to do anything to bring anyone along. There is a dynamic of the moment. I'm just tuning in and flowing the frequencies and that shifts the group. I don't have to be in a group to do this. I do this all the time by myself. My intention is just be always to be in the flow. It's not important when I do it's who I am." ~Mark Torgeson

Living the Miracle of Oneness

Transformational Practices to Set Your Heart Free

Oneness practices for opening to the heart of who you are.

Living the Miracle is an experience of what it means to live in the paradigm of oneness consciousness. It’s an expression of the divine flowing through physical form to create heaven on earth.

“There are many who shall tell you that this is not possible in your lifetime, but we are here to tell you that you are incarnate in human form for this very purpose. Allow your heart to guide you, and we shall be there with you.”  
 ~ The Angelic Beings who so love humanity.

Once you step into sacred space, allow spirit to guide you all the way home. Once you experience oneness on a very deep personal level your life is forever changed. There is no going back.

Oneness is not a skill-building experience. However you will learn life-changing skills that will enhance your ability to stay focused and centered even in the most challenging of life circumstances. You will practice what it means to “hold your center.” to know who you are, no matter who or what is pushing or pulling at you.

You will discover your true purpose and freely embrace your passion. You will discover your soul family and what it means to love opening and freely without fear.

You will experience a vibrational support system, a way of shifting any imbalance within you, and how to hold sacred space for another.

You will discover others around the world in communities of light who are consciously awakening to a new way being, doing and living in oneness.

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