Center for Planetary Awakening: Founders Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson. Building sustainable oneness through education, skill-building and frequency activation.

Activate. Empower. Transform.
Oneness practices, visionary guidance, and activations for the building of a new earth grid of consciousness


32 Centers of Light: Building a Global Grid of Oneness


Our mission is to build sustainability of the new earth grid of consciousness by first activating and anchoring light in key locations around the world. These regions evolve into 32 Centers of Light that are designed to work as an aligned whole for accessing a vast interplanetary, interstellar grid system. A Light Center is a group of souls who are called to specific regions for amplify light. We are building a new reality on earth, one comprised of core values that honor all.

Our Path of Service
Our path of service is to entrain to unconditional love, which is felt as a deep sense of inner peace, gratitude and great joyousness, as we work together in oneness. It is our heartsí desire to anchor these higher frequencies into the earthen plane to build a new earth grid. This frequency serves as a catalyst for shifting into higher states of awareness.

Our mission delivery includes 1) creating a Unified Field of Resonance (UFR) with the higher dimensional frequencies and amplifying these frequencies as we are holding the sacred space for the shifting of the earth plane and its people; 2) balancing and stabilizing the human energy system with the new earth grid; 3) envisioning new paradigm communities that honor and support the next seven (7) generations to come, with particular focus on the support and well-being of the star children who are here now; 4) connecting with others who are working to build sustainable community to create a web of light around the planet, and 5) building sustainable community as an anchor to the new earth grid by establishing global light centers in energetically significant locations around the world.

How We began
In early 2007, Carol FItzpatrick heard the words, "it's time for to gather in community." She sensed that she was to create a safe space for others who were opening to their higher senses to gather and to freely explore their intuitive and healing gifts.

During that first meeting, the excitement was palpable. What began as a simple call to gather, quickly evolved into a series of meetings that challenged us all to let go of our long held fears and beliefs rooted in separation. The deeply personal work continued through 2010.

We then directed our attention to the more globally held patterns, and were challenged to raise not only our individual vibration but to put our focus on the collective consciousness. Since that time, we have learned that purity of heart coupled with laser sharp intention, fused with our great love for humanity, is what will ultimately transforms our world. When we gather, we are guided to allow our hearts to receive images, impressions and deep knowings of what is possible when we infuse that purity of heart into every aspect of society, the environment, the world's governance and the way that we are treated by one another.

We understand that we serve as activators, transformers, bridgbuilders and anchors of a new earth grid of oneness consciousness. Our work is to first work in the quantum field to create structure by allowing unconditional love to lead the way. Our work is to form a lighter, more honoring form of community, where all beings are honored, where all voices are heard.

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