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Fall 2017: New Mexico Stargate Opening

October 6-9, 2017 (with optional extended stay Oct. 4-12)

Leaping Deer Ranch, San Miguel County, New Mexico

We are being called to this region of New Mexico by the Star Elders to open an ancient Stargate, one that was used by the indigenous long ago to stream prophecies into the earth plane of consciousness. This particular stargate has been closed since that very early time, yet now, now, we are called to the region at this time, for the opening and the resetting of this portal.

Is this yours to do?

Calling forth the Gatekeepers, Grid workers and the Wisdom Keepers, the Seers and the World Servers, the Healers and the Transformers. We are called to gather in New Mexico to serve as the ground crew, as embodied ones, for opening an ancient portal, a Stargate, where Source energies flow forth into the planetary grid to support an awakened humanity.

The work and play is for those who hold the capacity to stand clear of the distortion field as images of what could be are first allowed to flush through our systems so that the higher consciousness path of oneness can anchor into the new earth grid. It must come through the embodied state, through the human energy system, to stream and then to anchor into form as the higher frequencies, the waveform of the new humanity, is shown to us. If this is yours to do, you are called to anchor the new global patterns, with us, in a field of oneness.

This will be a time of witnessing events to unfold without holding onto right or might. We will walk the land gently, softly and listen to the Elders. We will listen as they show us, teach us, and find us embodying all that is before us as we unify the field of oneness in the context our present and present future of our human experience on earth.

What you will experience:

  • Deep forays into the inter-dimensional grids for witnessing and streaming high frequencies of light and wisdom
  • Walking meditations to reconnect the grid points within you to the land (as above so below)
  • Activations of light in sacred configurations of new paradigm structures
  • Opening of the internal channels within you that correspond to the frequencies of the ancient Stargate
  • Joyous connection in community
  • Adventures to local area vortexes

Listen to the streaming that poured forth that tells us

what this work is to be. Click on the picture below.

Are you all in?

Who Should Attend:

  • Seers and Inter-dimensional travelers
  • Visionaries and world servers who feel called to anchor light and build thriving centers of light
  • Healers who are ready to take their work to the next level of selfless service
  • Embodied beings of light who feel a connection with the Pleiadian Star Elders

What you will learn, experience and discover:

How to flow in full alignment with source in community
How pure intention and surrender transforms your life
Energetic and Hands on healing—healers helping healers transform.
The power of the sacred circle as a shared path of service.
The embodiment of the new global patterns and how those patterns manifest as your life path and purpose
The new way of allowing for accelerating your path of joyous service.
The power of oneness in community where all voices are heard and valued.

What  people are saying...

The activation workshop this past weekend was awesome. I feel like I emerged a different person, one that I've been striving to become for many years. I released fears and found courage. I experienced love, joy, and peace. Now, days later, the feelings of being centered and part of the whole have grown even stronger. Because of this workshop, I now feel capable and confident in helping bring about change on this planet. Thank-you soooo much!  —Linda B., Richmond, Virginia

Click on the photo below to learn more about the location, and former retreats.

Leaping Deer Ranch

What's Included
The retreat includes a 4 day / 3 night Retreat with times to walk the land, outings, activations,  Includes all meals starting dinner on Friday through lunch / dinner on Monday.

We've search wide and long to find the location that best fits the visions that we have seen, and in the structure that allows us host a home base for our work that is both comfortable and affordable. The focus of the retreat will be from October 6-9 with days on either side (Oct. 5-10) for those who wish to come in early or spend a final night / day to integrate the experience.

Registration for 4 days/ 3 nights is $675.

Off-site (commuters): $525 (includes meals / excludes lodging)

You are welcome to come in early and stay over post retreat.

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