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Colorado: Building the New Earth Matrix

Crestone Colorado

November 14-17, 2018

We have been working on this matrix, this Star of David grid, one step, one heart prompting at a time. It's a mosaic that is forming in such a way that we understand that we must enter into the spaces of the spaces between the spaces--the void-- as we trust in the inner guidance that comes when we are in Sacred Circle together. The answers to What is ours to do? comes to us when we are quiet inside and deeply listen. By doing so we receive great gifts. These gifts are the fulfillment of our heart's desire.

We have been working on the puzzle of what it means to be in harmony, in aligned community, where all are living, working, and being as One. It's a magical thing to experience when the light within us amplifies and we are shown what is possible when we stay in the field of Oneness together.

We are being magnetized right into the heart of soul of our Star family to do this sacred work. Our goal is to model the manifested structures of a globally focused light center where all are truly living out their heart's desire as one.

We will be calling upon the star elders, our master teachers and the dragons. They have offered their help and assistance to us, and we have most certainly said Yes. They have shown up on our activations from the very beginning as our core trinity moved down through the mountain region of North Carolina, In Montana, on Orcus Island and now in Crestone.

We will be in free flow mode for four days of activations, cross cultural sharing and visioning. The purpose for opening sacred space on the land with soul family is to ask the question, "What is ours to manifest as the model for the 32Centers.

Is this yours to do? We'd love to see you there.

Event Fee: $297
(Lodging not included. Meals are both on your own and shared via potluck)
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Dragon Cloud, Crestone, CO      Patricia Faust, photography