Center for Planetary Awakening: Founders Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson. Building sustainable oneness through education, skill-building and frequency activation.

Activate. Empower. Transform.
Oneness practices, visionary guidance, and activations for the building of a new earth grid of consciousness

Skill Building Experiences for Aligning in Oneness

An activation experience, skill-building and alliance building mission

Our calling is to entrain to unconditional love, which is felt as a deep sense of inner peace, gratitude and great joyousness as we work together in oneness. It is our soulís desire to anchor these higher frequencies into the earth plane consciousness. As we do, we entrain others to this frequency, which serves as a catalyst for shifting into higher states of oneness.

Our service is to teach heart-centered experiences and processes that empower individuals to access soul-level awareness and embrace oneness as a new way of being. Learn more about personal empowerment, leadership and community-building in co-created experiences. These deep immersion experiences serve as the foundation for creating powerful self-organizing systems that are most honoring of all. 

Center Services
  1. provides safe and supportive environments for engaging the individualís desire to transform. We model the new paradigm by honoring the individualís ability to recognize the power of the human spirit for creating a renewed sense of purpose in the world;
  2. teaches simple transformative tools and sharing group processes for empowering the individualís continued expansion through workshops, retreats, festivals, and special events;
  3. advocates a new form of global activism by modeling how to entrain to purity of heart in the context of small circle groups, which serve as the support and catalyst for strengthening and expanding the awareness of the human spirit


The Center is not affiliated with any religious or spiritual organization, or political alliance. The work of the Center provides the support and mentoring for creating new outcomesóboth personal and global. The Center teaches individuals how to transform their own lives and by doing so activate this change in others.

Tools: Empowering the heart to lead the way ahead through light, sound and color

Within each individual lies an internal frequency, which can be activated by light, sound and musicality. The term musicality is used as a wave frequency rather than a term of music or a making of sound through rhythm enhancement. This particular form of musicality (music that has been created for the express purpose of transforming the human energy field), serves as a support for breaking away from disruptive thought patterns. Its very purpose is to interrupt the normal flow of thought, which serves to liberate the spiritual connection from within the physical constraints of the body.

Musical expressions expressly intended for healing and transforming are created and shared through concerts, live-performances, group educational processes, symposiums, recordings and disseminated through the global internet and radio stations.

Symposiums, webcasts and musical demonstrations involving light, sound and dialog
Events are offered as in-person or web casts, on a variety of social, economic, environmental, educational and healing topics in support of our mission. The Center also provides musical demonstrations in support of the activation events and for pioneering research and development of cutting edge ways to use music and sound for healing and transformation. These events bring together world servers from the spiritual, scientific and social science communities for a time of interaction and activation.

The Living Library contains a growing and continual respository of talks, recordings and musical demonstrations generated from the Center and contributing authors, musicians and energetic healing practitioners, and other new paradigm leaders, as well as announcements, will be posted on the Center for Planetary website ( for worldwide distribution, and/or social networks for greater access. The Centerís website has been created for easy downloading and sharing of documents.

Anchoring High Frequencies of Light into a New Earth Grid

We build a core resonance field comprised of world servers who are aligned with our mission. Then we build the holographic model for 32 Global Light Centers as we are called to focus on each location as they are to be developed. The Centers are built as fully sustainable communities using the latest green, human and emerging technologies, and staffed by a core group of people who serve to maintain the balance and harmony of each Center as a vital part of the new earth grid.