Center for Planetary Awakening: Founders Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson. Building sustainable oneness through education, skill-building and frequency activation.

Activate. Empower. Transform.
Oneness practices, visionary guidance, and activations for the building of a new earth grid of consciousness

We are building a new earth matrix based on oneness principles

Are you looking for connection of a supportive global community?

We first work in the quantum field to activate and embody light for balancing and stabilizing the human energy system. Oneness practices, that honor the spirit within, are designed to build personal, familial, social, governance, health, environmental and physical structure that honors all beings and all realms in the context of introducing a new frequency into the planetary grid. Some of the preliminary work, which can go on for years, is preparing an area by clearing and transmuting dense energies; balancing and stabilizing an entire region; and infusing energies which support this new earth grid as a whole. Once that has been achieved, the work of creating physical structure begins


The Sustainable Oneness Alliance is an educational portal, heart-centered community and global alliance for growing communities of Light.

Member Benefits:

Mentored Support for Remembering Oneness
Receive energetic and support through education, peer engagement and service.

Global Activations as Shared Mission
Mutually share your path with others and fulfill your soul's purpose.

Teams for Building Light Communities
Join the GLC team(s) that to anchor light in community.

We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

We see the world as all parts flow seamlessly into one. The flowing of light is the very creative core of universal life force. This force is invisible yet can be felt by the heart and or sensed through the subtle body. Through positive self-direction, we accept the flow of light into our bodies, and by doing so we inwardly listen to its accompanying wisdom. As we do, we sense and feel a core grid or matrix of light that interconnects us to the greater cosmos. Therefore, we can say that we are all part of the same whole. Taking this knowing one step further, we can also say that we are all one. Living from this foundation, it is our pure intention to serve the greater good, we allow the amplification of source light to freely flow through all our creations.

Is this yours to do?

Sustainable Oneness Alliance is the creation of founders Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson of Center for Planetary Awakening in support of the 32 Global Light Centers mission.

What comes with your membership:

Each month, Carol Fitzpatrick offers "gift the love forward" facilitated Community Video Conference Calls. The time is for those who wish to both receive and give support as all are called to amplify Love in community. It's a safe supportive space to share in the positive aspects as we are guided to follow our hearts. There are no infomercials. No selling. The space is created each month with the intention of  creating sacred space for healing and transformation.

The format is simple. Round one is intention setting by all participants. Round two sometimes includes a channeled or inspired messages to shape the more specific over arching purpose. The third round includes an open call to share messages from participants as they receive from spirit including any insights that may help the group. The final round is the expression of appreciation followed by a closing intention that Love is shared with the whole world. Monthly Community Calls are for:

  • Building Light Community
  • Healing and Transforming Core Wounding
  • Amplifying the Field of Light for healing and transformation
  • Offering global mediations for the upliftment for all
  • Healing Sound Immersion files
  • Building the wisdom base for anchoring light in energetically significant locations around the world

Different levels of Support and Contribution:

If you are interested in joining with us to forward our global mission of building a global grid of light in the form of community, send us an email or look for announcements in our monthly newsletter. Your selfless service is welcome!!