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Spring 2016 Retreat: Embodying Light in Community


May 20 - 22, 2016
Anahata Education and
Retreat Center
Floyd, Virginia

A Deep Immersion Experience:
Anchoring Light in Community / Co-creating with the Nature Spirits

We called forth all beings of light who were wanting to dance with the fairies. This weekend turned out to be a cosmic focused immersion of building a bio-dome on the land, release of the shadow and light birthing of new cosmic consciousness as we deeply listen to the nature spirits, the fairies and the gnome-like creatures who guided us to do the work of healing the human heart.  

This land has been so lovingly cared for and nurtured by its inhabitants, and was ready to be fully activated as a Center of Light where learning and growing from the realms of love can fully take place. The more subtle realms were calling to us to be there, and to listen. It was through the purity of heart of those who held a deep desire to co-create with nature and one another that we were able to do the work.  

Like Findhorn's humble beginnings and re-dedication, so too shall be that of Anahata.