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February 2018: Activating the Ancient Temple System

February 22 - March 3rd, 2018 in Guatemala at Lake Atitlan:

Join us for a 10 day activation trip into the heart of the ancient temple system.

Two three day-optional extensions (March 3-6) are also available: Tikal adventure through the ruins or San Marcos community immersion.

Join us in Guatemala where we are called to activate the ancient temple system by holding three points around the lake. We will be guided by the Star Elders and in communion with the Emerald Ray of Light for accessing the codes of middle earth.

Between the North American and South American continents there is an ancient temple that is the gateway to Middle Earth, which is also part of the Lemurian kingdom. You shall find the codes of light that you are able to access as you entered into the ancient stargate. Into the zero point. There you shall find the energetic match of the codes that shall unlock the entire system, and shall begin to ignite the ancient temple system - light it up, if you will.

This is the Global Light Center configuration that we have been speaking to you about.  It is the very center of what unites the 32 Star Tribes, those tribal beings that came here so long ago. It is time to unite  and to reunite those disharmonious,  disenfranchised, disconnected tribes that have experienced a fragmentation of the very DNA that has them feeling entrapped in this particular earth-bound creation. This is not a mission of liberation. This is a mission of reconnection.  This is a mission, as you are allowing, that shall bring you to the depths of your heart - shall bring great Peace and Solidarity to all who cross your path. And yet you are to go in Stillness and Silence.

We have aligned the Elders there to greet you, to show you the Inner Sanctums. And yet you, you are the leaders of this Quest, for we have given you the Codes of Light that are necessary for you, for you as a collective consciousness, to ignite this ancient temple system. You shall remember, you shall go, and you shall feel the way forward. You shall sense the way to the depths of your own heart….

Once you have fully ignited the ancient tTemple system and brought forth the activation codes into the systems, now that this particular stargate has been opened, the encodings that are there to help the others understand their way shall be entered into the entire grid system. You shall understand that it shall be the purity of heart and selfless service that shall guide you into the inner chamber…You are not to delay, you are to move forward within the context of the timelines we have given you…This frequency must be held by the collective, amplified by the collective, for all of humanity. 

And we say to you now,  that you are so deeply loved, and honored, for your contribution. And we say to you, that All is Truly Well.

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Guatemala Ancient Temple Activation

AIs this yours to do?
The number is determined by the number of sleeping spacing in the house.

Who Should Attend:

  • Seers and Inter-dimensional travelers
  • Visionaries and world servers who feel called to anchor light and build thriving centers of light
  • Healers who are ready to take their work to the next level of selfless service
  • Embodied beings of light who feel a connection with the Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian and Hathor Star Elders

What you will learn, experience and discover:

How to flow in full alignment with source in community
How pure intention and surrender transforms your life
Energetic and Hands on healing—healers helping healers transform.
The power of the sacred circle as a shared path of service.
The embodiment of the new global patterns and how those patterns manifest as your life path and purposeThe new way of allowing for accelerating your path of joyous service.
The power of oneness in community where all voices are heard and valued.

What  people are saying...

The activation workshop this past weekend was awesome. I feel like I emerged a different person, one that I've been striving to become for many years. I released fears and found courage. I experienced love, joy, and peace. Now, days later, the feelings of being centered and part of the whole have grown even stronger. Because of this workshop, I now feel capable and confident in helping bring about change on this planet. Thank-you soooo much!  —Linda B., Richmond, Virginia

The cost from the time you land until the time you depart is all inclusive with the exception of a some meals as we are out and about in community.

The retreat includes: All local group ground transportation, 2 nights hotel lodging in Antigua Guatemala plus 2 breakfasts. All group boat transportation to/from house and across the lake into indigenous communities. 7 nights lodging at Lake Atitlan retreat house including 13 prepared meals, snacks and drinks. All activities, sacred ceremonies, tours, and interpreter guide.

Two optional extensions are also available for an additional fee:

Tikal Ruins or San Marcos March 3-6

What's NOT included: Airfare to and from Guatemala City (GUA), one dinner and up to 7 lunches while out in communities around the lake (~$100 - 150), Insurance ($40), personal gratuities.

A note about the House: Our lodging and activities best fit the visions that we have seen, and in the structure that allows us to host a home base for our work that is comfortable, affordable and safe. We will be traveling at all times as a group to and from the house.

Early Registration Discounted Fee: $1800.
What's needed to secure your space?
A deposit of $600 now with the remainder to be paid by January 1, 2018.

After January 1, 2018: $2,100

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