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Fall 2016 Retreat: The Embodiment of Light

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Fall Retreat: November 4 - 6, 2016
Art of Living Retreat Center
Heavenly Mountain

Boone, North Carolina

The Fall Retreat offered all a time to come together with others that have a strong desire to embody love, joy and peace. That all sounds a bit simplistic but it's a choice we are each called to make. It's a choice to stay away from the polarization, division and separation.

A global light center ~ Souls who are consciously activating global consciousness as they are called to live in energetically significant regions around the world.

Our intention for the weekend was to live as we wish to live. To raise our collective frequency to such an extent that the star elders who have made themselves known to us in this region, could easily, seemlessly, lovingly, speak to our hearts as we deeply listened to what they have to share with us.

The flow of this experience was magical and profound on many levels.