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Hawaii: 14 days in May ~ Molokai and Kauai

Two Islands - Two Weeks of Immersion into the New Earth Matrix

Spend seven days immersed in the quiet of nature on the island of Molokai, the oldest of the island chain, and the setting of the stage for entering through the inner doorway to middle earth. Surrounded by the indigenous elders who hold sacred their path, we have been called to this island to be still and listen to what is ours to receive—as the codes of light in the new earth matrix. After we leave the island we will drop into the energy of Kauai where we are called to play, play, play in the sun taking in the Lemurian energy of this garden Isle.

Molokai: May 16-22

The island residents are committed to keeping the old traditions alive and by doing so have eliminated the renting of large homes in the intention to slow down tourism and preserve their way of life. Their ordinance calls for no more than 6 people in any given home. Therefore, we have secured accommodations in a resort community on the remote western side of the island, 3-4 to a condo. All are overlooking the ocean and just a short walk to the longest white sand beach on the island.

Immersion into Being: During the week, we will meet at ocean's edge for morning meditations and allow ourselves to be shown the way forward for what promises to be a time of allowing us to drop into the Molokai consciousness grid, as we fully attune ourselves to the energy of the indigenous. We'll unwind the push of the mind, rejuvenate and receive the dream of the middle earth.

We will also share meals, walk the white sand beaches, take in the local farmers market to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. We may choose to explore the island, take walks through the rainforest, discover the sacred waterfalls, visit the organic farm, nature preserve, explore the rich inland valleys and the epic trail to the northern side of the island high above the island cliffs.

Kauai: May 22-29

Once we have completed our time together on Molokai, we will make our way to the airport and catch a short flight to Kauai through Oahu. Our time on Kauai will be to integrate all that we will have taken in during the week together. Our home away from home is a three-story house overlooking the ocean.

Once we settle into our home-base for the week, we will drop deep into the field to see what is ours to experience. We will share in circle each day before moving about exploring the varied natural wonders of this garden isle, take in the majestic sunrises and sunsets, walk the beach, explore the paths to waterfalls, discover and swim with the dolphins, and in general enjoy the immersion into the magic as the week unfolds.

Who Should Attend:

Seers and Inter-dimensional travelers
Visionaries and world servers who feel called to anchor light and build thriving centers of light
Healers who are ready to take their work to the next level of selfless service
Embodied beings of light who feel a connection with the Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian and Hathor Star Elders

What you will learn, experience and discover:

How to flow in full alignment with source in community
How pure intention and surrender transforms your life
Energetic and Hands on healing—healers helping healers transform.
The power of the sacred circle as a shared path of service.
The embodiment of the new global patterns and how those patterns manifest as your life path and purpose.The new way of allowing for accelerating your path of joyous service.
The power of oneness in community where all voices are heard and valued.

What  people are saying... "My life is forever changed! "

Fee: What is included:

Your Guides and Facilitators:

Fourteen days of deep immersion into the inter-dimensional realms, grid work, facilitated processes and activation sequences as we weave light together: includes intuitive guidance in circle, sound immersion with facilitators Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson, and logistics as we navigate the island adventures.


  • Local / ground transportation: We will be renting a van and a full-size car, ample for 12. We will pick you up from the airport, and use the vehicles for our travels on the island.
  • Lodging: (May16-22) includes check-in at 3 pm on May 16 / checkout by 11 am the morning of May 22. You will be sharing a 2 bedroom / 2 bath condo with 2-3 others, either ground or second floor. Condos include a queen, double and single size bed. All units rely on the ocean breeze to cool the average 75 degree weather during the day, and 65 at night.
  • Meals: Molokai is a very rural and non commercial island and we will be approximately 8 miles from the nearest produce / convenience store. Before you arrive, Mark and I will purchase breakfast foods, fruits, vegetables and other essentials for making simple meals throughout the week. Breakfast and lunch will be at each condo, while simple freshly cooked dinners will be mutually shared and prepared together. We will most certainly frequent a few of the island restaurants while we are out exploring the island or engaging in activations. NOTE: Any meals in restaurants, or other staples you wish to purchase for yourself or your group's condo, are not included.


  • Ground transportation: Once we arrive in Kauai, we will rent two autos, a van and passenger car, and provide a shuttle to and from the airport as needed.
  • Lodging (May 22-29) includes check-in at 3 pm on May 22 / checkout by 11 am the morning of May 22nd. We will be staying in a three-story house overlooking the north shore. It sleeps 12 and has plenty of room to spread out and enjoy our time together.
  • Meals: are the same as for Molokai. We'll be providing the basics for meals at the house to include breakfast foods, fruits and vegetables and ingredients for sharing simple meals while in the house. We will be sharing in the meal preparation. NOTE: Meals at area restaurants and any additional food supplies you would like to provide, over and above the basics at the house, are out-of-pocket.

What is NOT included:

All air transportation

Meals in restaurants and any additional special dietary foods you choose to purchase for your personal consumption that are not included in the food we will purchase for the house.

Self-elected tours or excursions not included in the group activities.

About Scheduling Your Air Tickets

After you have registered, we will send you specific recommendations and instructions your scheduling your flight into and out of Molokai (MKK), especially your flight from MKK to Kauai (LIH) since we will all be traveling together.


If you are choosing to sign up for both Islands, please secure your spot now with either a full payment or a deposit. The house in Kauai has only space for 12 guests. If you are not one of the first10  to sign up for the entire trip, or are not able to attend the entire two weeks, we have opened up space in Molokai for more than 12 (see Molokai registration option only).

Fee for 2 islands / 2 weeks: $3330

Make a $500 deposit to save your space.

Remaining balance due by March 31st.

Early Bird Rate: If paid in full by February 15th: $2997 (a $333 savings)

If you can only attend for one week:

Molokai Only Option: $2100

May 16-22, which includes all of the above for Molokai.

Pay in full by February 15th and save $200

Make a $500 deposit to save your space.

Remaining balance due by March 31

To register, click here.  

Refund Policy: If you need to cancel, you will receive a full refund prior to March 31 less the processing fees. After March 31, a 50% refund will be given. After April 20, no refunds will be given.

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