Center for Planetary Awakening: Founders Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson. Building sustainable oneness through education, skill-building and frequency activation.

Awaken. Transform. Amplify.
Oneness practices, visionary guidance, and activations for the building of a new earth grid of consciousness

Moving up the Vibrational Spiral

2018 Sacred Circle:  Support / Skill-building / Self Mastery / Upliftment Circle


I have so treasured my time with friends as we love, honor and support one another in the fulfillment of our inner guidance. The process is quite simple: We hold sacred space for one another as we uphold a clear field of appreciation for the fulfillment of our mutual dreams.

I have combined a format of clear intention amplification with skill-building. The combination of the two works to sustain a higher frame of reference or perspective as we set an over arching intention to create a sustainable field of oneness within us and as a part of the new earth energy.

Meetings are by Web or phone on the Third Tuesday of every month. The time is 7:00 pm Eastern.

If you choose to join us, see the information below:

The more the group stays together the stronger the field. If there are times when you cannot be present, the call will be recorded for you to listen back and to voice your intention in a secure portal. You are free to step in and out at will after you have made a commitment to support and be supported by the Circle.

Fee to join the Circle is by donation (suggested offering is $20-$50 per session, or include the skill-building portion of the Sacred Circle and pay only once. Fee to join the skill building portion to the circle is $333 for the year.