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Free Introductory

Session held on Dec 27, 2017


Self Mastery Upliftment Circle

2018 Sacred Circle:  Support / Skill-building / Self Mastery / Upliftment Circle

In the inner reaches of your heart you'll hear the voice of your soul calling to you. Will you listen?


I have so treasured my time with friends as we love, honor and support one another in the fulfillment of our inner guidance. The process is quite simple: We hold sacred space for one another as we uphold a clear field of appreciation for the fulfillment of our mutual dreams.

I have constructed a format that includes the setting and amplification of clear intention with skill-building. The combination of the two works to sustain a higher frame of reference and clear perspective as you work in concert with others to create a sustainable field of oneness for the manifestation phase of your intention to occur.

There are four segments over the course of the year:

We'll meet three months in a row then pause and take stock with a skill building session (see the schedule below.) All meetings will be recorded and posted immediately after each session.

Meetings are 7:00 pm eastern and hosted using the technology of Zoom. This provides you with a way to interact via voice and video conferencing, or by phone.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month unless otherwise stated.

First Quarter

Tuesday, January 23

Sunday, February 18

Tuesday, March 20

Skill-building Webcast

Tuesday, March 27

Second Quarter

Tuesday, April 17

Tuesday, May 15

Tuesday, June 19

Skill-building Webcast

Tuesday, July 24th

Third Quarter

Tuesday, July 17

Tuesday, August 21

Tuesday, September 18

Skill-building Webcast

Tuesday, September 25th

Fourth Quarter

Tuesday, October 16

Tuesday, November 20

Tuesday, December 18

Skill-building Webcast

Tuesday, December 11th

In addition to the meeting each month, I will host 4 calls (one each quarter) at intervals that, through consensus of the group, will decide on the topic.


The more the group stays together the stronger the field. If there are times when you cannot be present, the call will be recorded for you to listen back and to voice your intention in a secure portal. You are free to step in and out at will after you have made a commitment to support and be supported by the Circle.

One Payment includes:

12 - Master Mind Check-ins ($39 each)

4 - Skill building webcasts ($55 each)

Access to the recordings in the member portal

Purchase for the year and receive a deep discount
(12 sessions + 4 Webcasts (16 sessions for an average of $21.00 per session )

Fee: $333.00

By the quarter:

3 - Master Mind Check-ins ($39 each)

1 - Skill building webcasts ($55 each)

Access to the recordings in the member portal

Pay as you go each quarter:
(3 sessions + 1 Webcast (4 sessions for an average of $43.00 per session )

Fee: $155.00

By the Session and pay as you go!

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